Black History Month

All of our schools enjoyed celebrating Black History Month in October.

It was brilliant to be part of a month long national campaign that honours the accomplishments of black Britons throughout our history and celebrates the continued achievements and contributions of black people to the UK and around the world.

Each of our schools celebrated Black History Month by providing their children with a variety of interesting and engaging learning opportunities. 

The Grove Academy addressed the importance of Black History Month in an assembly. Different year groups then completed learning activities centred around some of the most influential black people in history. The children also worked collaboratively to make three fists of different skin tones for a whole school display. Whilst the children were engaged in the activity, wonderful discussions were had about the importance of respecting others and recognising that each one of us is different and that is what makes us special and unique.

Black history month the grove 1

Knutsford Primary Academy also focused their learning around the achievements of black men and women in the past. With one of the school houses being named after her, Year 6 learnt about Mary Seacole, as well as Nelson Mandella, Barak Obama and Rosa Parks. 

Black history month knutsford


The Early-Years children at Broadfield Academy have been discussing the importance of Black History Month by looking at different events and talking about famous figures. They have also learnt about the heritage and culture of Kenya and enjoyed trying some Kenyan bajias.

Black history month broadfield 2 Black History Month   Broadfield

Dahl Class at Bedmond Academy focused some of their learning around the first black female to travel to space, Mae Jeminson. They each wrote her biography and found out lots of interesting facts about her life, they were very inspired by her.

Black history month bedmond

Children at Hammond Academy also discussed the meaning of Black History Month and enjoyed quiet time in their reading corners with a variety of books about famous black leaders. Year 4 learnt about segregation and thought about how people on the segregated buses might have felt, looking at the different viewpoints. They then chose to research Rosa Parks and created fact files about her life. 

Black history month hammond


Bovingdon Primary Academy took part in a variety of activities throughout October, centred around some of the most influential black people in history. Many of these were artists, including Kendra Dandy, Alma Thomas, Faith Ringgold, Lois Mailou Jones and Bisa Butler. This enabled the children to create their own artwork inspired by their individual styles. 

Black History Month   Bovingdon


Black History is integrated across our curriculum throughout the year. It is important that everyone is given the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture.