How we are supporting our staff and children through the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are over half way through the first term back this year and school life for our staff and children is definitely starting to feel more normal. However, we acknowledge that COVID-19 continues to impact our school communities and wanted to reassure you of the measures we continue to have in place.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been receiving and responding to government guidelines on a daily basis.

As a MAT, working collaboratively across our schools is key to getting the best procedures in place, however we have also been networking and sharing best practice with other organisations.

We have a variety of processes still in place to make sure we are providing a safe teaching and learning environment for our staff and children. These are regularly reviewed and updated when we receive recommendations and instruction from the Government and Hertfordshire County Council. 

Our School staff are still implementing:

  • Face masks for staff and visitors
  • Reduced number of staff in the staff room at any one time
  • Regular handwashing
  • Appropriate ventilation in every classroom
  • Continued monitoring of symptomatic pupils and encouraging PCR Testing
  • Communication with parents regarding any identified positive cases
  • Continued encouragement of close contacts to have a PCR test
  • Contact with Public Health England when positive case thresholds have been met
  • Individual risk assessments for staff
  • Internal bubble closures where a number of five or more positive cases are confirmed, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus
  • Education around the virus, in assembles and PSHE lessons
  • Reviews of our remote learning offering in the event of future school closures

Our Central Services Team are continuing to:

  • Review our existing Covid-19 Risk Assessment and amend accordingly in line with up to date guidance
  • Update our comprehensive Covid Outbreak Management Plan if needed
  • Ensure enhanced cleaning regimes remain in place

All staff, whether teaching or non-teaching, are also completing weekly lateral flow tests.

The wellbeing of our staff and children is extremely important and we recognise that the pandemic has affected many people's mental health. We regularly share ideas with our staff for promoting positive mental health, through mindfullness activities and self-care. All children also take part in wellbeing activities during their school days, to help them navigate this ever-changing environment. 

We will continue to do as much as we can to minimise the spread of COVID-19 within our schools, and support our staff and children with the after-effects of this pandemic for as long our staff and children need us to.