School tour details released for 2022 Reception Admissions

On the 1st November 2021, applications open on the Government website for children starting Reception in September 2022. 

All of our Hertfordshire schools will be hosting open events/school tours between November 2021 and January 2022, for parents of children born between the 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018.

We are passionate about making a difference to the lives of our children. They are at the heart of everything we do and we strive to inspire learners and change their lives, as a result of our exceptional educational provision. We are looking forward to sharing examples of this with our prospective parents during the school tours.

Please see below for the details of our school open events and how to book them:


Tour Dates Tour Time
Tuesday 16th November  3:30pm
Thursday 18th November  1:30pm
Wednesday 8th December 3:30pm
Wednesday 12th January 2022 3:30pm
Tuesday 18th January 2022 1:30pm

How to book:
E-mail - 
Phone - 01923 262825


Tour Dates Tour Time
Wednesday 20th October Multiple times available
Monday 8th November Multiple times available
Thursday 18th November Multiple times available

How to book:
E-mail -
Phone - 01442 406545


Tour Dates Tour Time
Moved to Virtual Tours due to COVID-19 restrictions N/A

Broadfield Academy are not currently doing school tours due to COVID-19 restrictions at the school. To ensure families are still able to explore the classrooms and meet the teachers, they have moved to a virtual experience. 

Classroom video tours have been put together by the Early Years Team and a 360 degree Virtual Tour of some of the main facilities at the school is also available. 

There will also be a pre-recorded Q&A video session, however a private phone call can be arranged with the Early Years Lead if there are any additional questions.

To see the tours: CLICK HERE


Tour Dates Tour Time
Wednesday 17th November 9:30am
Wednesday 17th November 2:30pm
Wednesday 24th November 9:30am
Monday 29th November 2:30pm
Tuesday 30th November 11:00am
Thursday 2nd December 9:30am
Tuesday 11th January 2022 11:00am
Wednesday 12th January 2022 2:30pm

How to book:
E-mail -
Phone - 01442 404020


Tour Dates Tour Time
Wednesday, 3 November 9:30am
Monday, 8 November  11:00am
Friday, 12 November  9:30am
Monday, 15 November 9:15am
Tuesday, 16 November  2:30pm
Thursday, 18 November 11:00am
Tuesday, 23 November  11:00am
Wednesday, 1 December  2:15pm
Thursday, 2 December 9:30am
Friday, 10 December 9:15am
Thursday, 6 January 2022 9:30am
Monday, 10 January 2022 11:00am

How to book:
E-mail -
Phone - 01923 466020


Tour Dates Tour Time
Monday 11th October 10:30am
Wednesday 20th October 2:15pm
Wednesday  3rd November 9:30am
Tuesday 9th November 2:15pm
Friday 19th November 9:30am
Wednesday 24th November 11:00am
Tuesday 30th November 2:15pm
Thursday 9th December 9:30am
Tuesday 14th December 2:15pm
Monday 20th December 9:30am
Friday 7th January 2022 9:30am
Monday 10th January 2022 11:00am
Wednesday 12th January 2022 2:15pm
Friday 14th January 2022 9:30am

How to book:
E-mail -
Phone - 01923 674463