Aspire's Executive Principal Lyndon Evans achieves NPQEL qualification

Business coach, education mentor, training facilitator and Executive Principal at Aspire, Lyndon Evans has recently expanded his expertise by completing the highly acclaimed National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership (NPQEL).

Lyndon devoted his career to Primary Education. He started as a class teacher and worked his way up over the years to Headteacher. After completing two successful headships, Lyndon took on the strategic role of Executive Principal at Aspire Academies Trust in 2018 and leads the School Improvement Plan across the Trust.

We spoke to Lyndon to understand more about the qualification and how it has impacted his role.

Congratulations on your wonderful achievement. What encouraged you to apply and see it through?

I realised I had aspirations to develop my leadership expertise and just decided to go for it. It was a lot of work and I definitely needed resilience to complete it, but the world of education is always busy so it was as good a time to do it as any. 

What challenges did you have to overcome to achieve this success?

Managing the time commitment and workload effectively. School closures due to COVID-19 had a big impact on networking and relationship building, which made things difficult as partnerships were required to complete the set tasks and meet the criteria.

What impact has it had on your role at Aspire Academies Trust?

It has enabled me to reflect and compare my role with other Executive Leaders. I can now evolve it and identify the next steps of my professional development. I have increased my knowledge around how to be effective and strategic, whilst working alongside others both within Aspire and with our established partners. It has also broadened my thinking regarding the role of an Executive Leader within a Trust.

What would you say to encourage others in the Trust who want to follow their dreams and progress in their careers? 

I would recommend any professional training that challenges your thinking and helps you to become a better professional version of yourself. You only gain what you are prepared to put in, so you need to be fully committed. 

What support did you receive to help you achieve this wonderful goal?

I received on-going encouragement and professional challenge from Aspire's CEO Vicky Parsey, my line manager. I also got a lot of support from the schools and the Trustees. I had two projects to complete within the year long course. I am extremely appreciative of a number of teachers and leaders from our schools that helped me with both.

What are your next goals?

I would like to embed my learning into our processes at Aspire. I want to apply this wealth of new knowledge to my role on an on-going basis, whilst continuing to support other leaders and teachers with their needs.