Join Aspire Academies Trust

The future is bright with Aspire

Aspire Academies Trust was the first trust within Hertfordshire to have three schools in our partnership.  And for us, that was just the beginning.  We are passionate about providing quality opportunities for children, whatever their age or ability, and are therefore a Trust with big ambitions. 

We were one of the first primary school trusts to include a teaching school. This brings huge benefits to our network and enables us to secure the future of our Academies through the ongoing development and retention of quality teaching staff.

We hope to expand our network to include additional schools, including nurseries, special, primary, secondary and all through schools.

That said, we’re not interested in growing for the sake of it. Our entrepreneurial spirit means we’ll actively seek out those establishments where we feel it’s possible to make the biggest difference.  There is a fine balance to be had between growing our network and being able to keep our hands-on approach, staying personally involved with every school or setting we take on. 

It is only by growing in this strategic way that we can be sure of creating a network that is truly supportive, where expertise and ideas can be shared effectively and where everyone has a voice that gets heard.

Recognising that each of our Academies is unique, we like to take a personal approach to expanding our network. We deliberately don’t have a one-size-fits-all application process because we like to get to know you and your school personally.

If you like our approach and think your school could benefit from becoming part of a multi-academy trust then please get in touch and we’ll have a chat about next steps.


The close network with the other schools and collaborative nature of the Trust as a whole, offers guidance and effective working practice – support that is not commonly available in the primary sector.  The systems and protocols established within the Trust allow me, as the Principal, to concentrate on raising standards for pupils without having to be distracted by other business issues that as a teacher I am not trained to deal with.

Sarah Hennigan, The Grove Academy