Our Vision & Values


At Aspire Academies Trust, we like to do things a bit differently.  We’re not afraid of a challenge. We like to think laterally and be creative. We reach right into our Academies and support everyone involved in driving them forward.

It is our belief that when schools work together, share their ideas and draw on each other’s strengths, they can achieve so much more.  There is a rich pool of talent in our Academies, from teachers, pupils and their parents alike.  It’s our job to nurture this talent through partnership and collaboration.  By doing so, we capture great ideas and make innovative improvements.


The cornerstones of our vision are listed below. These help to guide our thinking and keep us ahead of the game. 


We are forward thinking and like to stay at the forefront of educational development. Our approach is to embrace new ways of doing things and to think creatively about our challenges.  For example, where we can employ new technology we will.  Where there is an opportunity for us to break the mould or lead the way, then we will.


By getting to know our Academies and everyone associated with them, we get a really good understanding of what is happening on the ground.  We encourage people to have a voice and we actively listen to what is being said.


We exist to help our Academies, as organisations, grow in strength and capability. But more than that, we care deeply about the personal growth of our teachers and pupils too.  That’s why our Trust also includes teacher training schools, so we can help to develop the best in education.


We are in the business of education, so it is only right that the Trust has a leadership team with considerable educational and commercial expertise. Our aim is to lead by example, so we are focused on building relationships, embracing new methods and sharing knowledge, in the same way that we encourage our Academies to.  Together we’re stronger and by setting our standards high, we hope to lead others onto great things too.


You won’t find us hiding behind closed doors.  We welcome a chat and take a proactive role with our Academies and their governing bodies.  We like to get to know people personally and thrive on working as part of a team.   

We are very proud of our growing family and invite you to come and see for yourself the great work that is going on in our Academies.



Even though the schools have their own individual values, they are all aligned with those of the Trust. They are brought to life through a variety of interactive learning opportunities and are fundamental to the school cultures and their communities.

The Trust values support those of the schools, but also strengthen our vision. We have high expectations that all Aspire staff display the behaviours & characteristics associated with our values. 


Honesty, trust, respect, fairness, equity, openness, autonomy


High expectations, positivity, passion, motivated, challenging, energy, craftsmanship


Stakeholder focus, sharing, communicating, partnerships, community, Trust-wide and beyond


Research-rich, innovative, enterprising, horizon-gazing, curious

Relationships Humility, respect, caring, empathy, professional behaviours, approachable, safety

Responsibility, commitment, focus, standards, individual and shared, co-agency